Vetiver Triple Milled Bath Bar Soap by elizabethW San Francisco

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This Vetiver perfumed, triple milled bath soap by elizabethW will provide your skin with a nourishing and cleansing treatment. Offering intoxicating fragrance that lingers but doesn't overpower, this elegant, attractive soap offers a luxurious, nourishing experience for your skin. The signature fragrance of Vetiver is earthy, woody, and confident. An artful mix of heavy vetiver, balanced with light, citrus tones and green tints of bergamot from peels of nearly ripe fruit. Each gentle bar of soap is made using only pure, natural plant based ingredients. Shea butter, sea algae, and vitamins A and E combine to result in a soap of rare and wonderful softness. And because these soaps are triple milled, the aromatic cleansing is sure to last a long time. The large size makes this a nice choice in the tub. Each oval 7 ounce (198 gram) bar comes beautifully packaged in an attractive box. So go ahead and indulge your senses with this luxurious perfumed soap.