ChiaoGoo stitch markers for our knitters

Hello fellow knitters. This weekend, I wanted to talk about stitch markers. Stitch markers are one of those things you don't think about needing when you start a project,  but you always end up using a BUNCH of them. I just finished doing a mystery knit along shawl, and I am pretty sure I used at least 40 stitch markers!
So while I was doing this shawl, I thought...."why don't we sell stitch markers at" Well, now we do :D And ChiaoGoo brand as well!
These are the stitch markers I use, and I absolutely love them. They not only come in 4 different sizes and colors, but they are just really cute! The material is strong and durable, not like the cheap stitch markers that bend and are really thin.
Remember, if you buy these on our website to use the coupon KNIT at the end of checkout to get 12% off your entire knitting supply order :D
Love always,
-JJferrigno crew

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