Happy Valentines Day :D

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!
Hope everyone is happy and feeling loved! I am always happy to have holidays fall in the cold months, because its cold! an excuse to eat chocolate and go on a date is welcomed! :D
With it being cold, and valentines day having us look for lovy and comfy things.... check out the DearFoams slippers we have!
We are in the process of getting more for the seasons to come, but the ones we have are just perfect for the winter. Click this link to see all of the colors and styles:


And remember, if you order $35 or more on our website, shipping is free!

Now even though valentines day is today and only one day of the year....show love to yourself and loved ones EVERY DAY! Don't forget that ! :)


Love Always,

The JJFerrigno crew

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