20% off our Merino Wool Socks

5 days until Christmas y'all! We hope you have had a good morning so far, and are getting ready for the holidays. We sure are getting ready for the holidays and the cold weather at JJFerrigno!

As a holiday gift from us, and to help you through the cold weather, we are offering our Merino Wool Socks on our website 20% off for a limited time!

Click here: 

JJFerrigno Merino Wool Socks

and use this code for your 20% discount on your socks: WOOL

The socks that we carry are made in the USA and are a Merino wool blend for both men and women. We carry different sizes for your convenience, and we promise that these socks will keep you warm!

Have a good week, a merry Christmas, and a very happy new year ! 

-JJFerrigno crew

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