Coffee addict? admit it, you are...

We don't know how it starts, but it seems like we go some years of our lives without coffee, to being addicted to it for the rest of your life. Where that change occurs...nobody really knows. But you know you are addicted when you can't function in the morning without your cup o' Joe, then you start taking a second one in the afternoon....and lo and behold, one day you are drinking 5 coffees a day.

Personally, I did not realize I was addicted to coffee until I went on a vacation, and the place we were staying at did not have any means of making coffee. I would not (probably felt like I could not) do ANYTHING until I found me a coffee shop. :/

It starts by just being a simple cup of coffee in the morning to a full blown addiction! Many who have realized this and have the strength to steer away from caffeine start with baby steps.

There is of course de-caffeinated coffee and tea with less caffeine. But this does not always appeal to people. There are some substitutes out there as well to help ease the transition...kind of like the electronic cigarettes. 

One of these substitutes I would like to point out (the picture above). Raja's Cup is an ancient Hindu supplement made from herbs that is used as a coffee substitute.

The best thing about it is the taste is similar, but not exactly the same as coffee. It helps those that are habituated to having a cup (or cups) of coffee each day.

Raja's Cup is caffeine-free and has no artificial flavorings, coloring or preservatives. Below is a supplements fact sheet to show you the natural and amazing ingredients of this product:

If you are a coffee addict, check this out! It is all natural, has a similar, but still distinct taste to help steer you away from coffee. 

If you would like to try it out, or already use this product and want some more, we sell it right here on our website !

You can look up the product by name, or go under supplements and you will find it there.

The JJFerrigno crew wishes you a happy December week! Don't forget to start your Christmas shopping !



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