Ready for Thanksgiving?

Good morning!

It is the last week of October, and Halloween is days away! This time of year also means talk of Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving takes A LOT of preparation if you are the host. The years when I don't host are the most relaxing thanksgivings ever! :D

If you have hosted Thanksgiving at your house before, you already know...but for those that are hosting their first thanksgiving ever, here are some things you need to start doing in November:

  • clean up the house
  • Invite your guests
  • get a guest count
  • order your turkey and ham ASAP! (they go quick and the grocery store the days before thanksgiving are like a war zone).
  • prepare a menu
  • buy your ingredients
  • prepare items that can be done ahead of time
  • have the nice dinnerware ready for use

I know what you are thinking...GEESH! 

It's true, as happy as we should be during the holidays, they can be quite stressful! The best thing to do if you are hosting is to get some helping hands.

Now we at JJFerrigno would love to help you cook that turkey or bake the pumpkin pie, but maybe it would be better if we helped in a different way this Thanksgiving.

From TODAY (October 25) to November 8th, we will do what we can to make sure that your dinner table has the best dinnerware possible. Any order with a Badash Crystal purchase will have free shipping for this period 10/25/15-11/8/15 !! Just enter the code GOBBLEGOBBLE to get your free shipping !

Here are the items we currently have for you from Badash Crystal:

Use this pitcher to serve your tea or water around the dinner table.

These thick stemmed martini glasses are perfect for your eggnog dessert!

this unique slanted bowl can be used for appetizers while your guests wait for the turkey to be cooked to golden perfection.


Happy Sunday!

-JJFerrigno crew

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