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Hello folks,

We hope you have had a great week and your October is going well. This weeks blog is more of an announcement: We will be carrying knitting supplies by the end of October!!

For all of you knitters out there, we have come with your knitting needs before the cold weather has set in! 

We will be selling needles, shawl pins, sock blockers, and more from companies such as:

  • ChiaoGoo
  • Knitter's Pride
  • Brittany
  • KnowKnits

As of know, most of our supply is needles. We picked many sizes, types, and material. We will have needles made of wood, bamboo, stainless steel, marble, and even carbon fiber! These needles range from US sizes 0 to 50 and come in straight single, double, circulars, and interchangeables. ....some of the needles are even squared for those with arthritis.

But we hope to expand and even go farther than just knitting, but crochet, spinning, and much more in the future.

You can go ahead and check our knitting supplies section to see what we will carry. Before Halloween, everyone will be able to order these items from us. As a token of our happiness and appreciation for our customers, the whole month of November, all of our knitting needles will be on sale ! Please check our knitting supplies section and see our stash!

Have a great week, and to all our knitters out there, keep knitting !

- JJFerrigno Crew


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