Liver: love-hate relationship FIXED!

Do you like eating liver? No...I didn't think so. Not many of us enjoy eating liver, but we have all been lectured at one time or another of how GOOD it is for us.

But did you know just how good it really is for you? Liver is a super food! Below is a list from of the benefits that liver holds:

With all of the vitamins, iron, and minerals, liver can do many things for our bodies:

  • helps speed metabolism
  • improve digestion
  • helps boost immune system
  • increases energy level
  • improves respiratory strength
  • helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • helps maintain cardiovascular health

....But even so, that does not change the fact that liver is liver. You can add all the onions and spices to it, but it will still have that taste that most people dread.


So how can I get the benefits of liver WITHOUT having to eat a plate of grandma's homemade liver? well I'm glad you asked :)

Desiccated liver pills: which is just liver dried and in powder form.

With desiccated liver pills, you can have your dose of liver every day to keep your body to its maximum potential. Now we can get all the great benefits of liver without having to eat it for lunch!

 If you are interested in trying the desiccated liver pills, look no further. We at JJFerrigno got you covered. We sell grass-fed cattle desiccated liver capsules from Perfect Supplements on our website. Go to and look under SUPPLEMENTS to buy yourself a bottle.

We hope this information made you smile and gave you some hope (that you never have to eat liver again!). Have a great week and happy October!


-JJFerrigno crew

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