Gong Fu vs. Western: Tea Brewing

There is quite a big difference in the way we drink tea from the east to the west. These differences can be seen in the quantity, the style, the brewing times, and even our mindset. Tea is the oldest drink in human history, and throughout this time it has changed to suit the needs of all types of people. For tea lovers out there, it is good to know the difference and try all styles of tea!

 One style I would like to focus on is Gong Fu style tea. Gong Fu comes from China, and this style of tea brewing focuses on the perfection and art of tea. There are many differences in this style of tea brewing but I would like to focus on two: the amount of tea leaves used and the infusion times. Gong fu style uses significantly more tea leaves when brewing than western style, but the steep times are much shorter. This also allows the user to do many more infusions afterwards.


This is different from western style brewing, where we use less tea leaves, and steep for longer periods of time. We westerners also tend to drink in larger quantities. The Chinese Gong Fu style teaches one to slow down and really savor the tea. Brewing in smaller quantities and sipping from smaller cups keeps the temperature of the tea consistent throughout.


Below is a chart with western and gong fu style brewing for your convenience. This chart will help you understand and try out the differences between the two styles.

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Enjoy your week and happy tea brewing ! :)


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