Who is JJFerrigno?

A lot of people ask us where our name comes from and how the heck do you pronounce it. So here goes:

"jay jay fur ig no" This is the Americanized way of saying it, and it works just fine. But if you are interested, Ferrigno is an Italian surname, and our ancestry. We come from a line of Sicilians with the last name Ferrigno, and it was a tradition for our male names to begin with a G. Since the early 20th century, some of our family had migrated to the United States. They have Americanized our surname to Ferr and now the males names begin with a J instead of a G to correspond with the English translations.

If you would like to know more regarding who we are and our ancestry, check out our about us page: 



:D -The JJFerrigno crew

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