Perpetual Calendars

Perpetual Calendars y'all...It will save you come birthdays!

I say this because last week, I completely missed one of my closest friends birthdays. It was so embarrassing that I didn't know her birthday after 12+ years of friendship! I decided after that, that I could not rely anymore on facebook, google calendar and online notepads to remind me of birthdays. I wanted to have them written hand...and hung on my wall. 

Sometimes its better to have calendars more "tangible." Of course...the first birthday I put on my calendar was HERS. :D

Lucky me (and you!), we sell some amazing perpetual calendars by Gina B.

And you do not need to buy a new calendar every year (duh Angela...hence perpetual?). 

Check out the link above for more Gina B. perpetual calendars!

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