Matcha Recipes

So I am sure most of us have tasted or at least heard of green tea ice cream. But how many of you know that is is made with Matcha? Do you know what Matcha is?


Well.....Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder. So it has a fancy name, but it tea. You actually get more of the green tea benefits by consuming it this way because you are consuming the whole leaf, not just the incense of it from a steeped tea. :D

Well, Matcha can be used in many culinary way not ONLY in ice cream! Here are some pictures to show you some examples. This comes from where they have many matcha recipes:

Those are only 3 different recipes, but the list in infinite. Check out their recipes at . If you like what you see, you can buy their Matcha on our website at


We are currently selling their culinary grade matcha for sale from $29.95 to $14.98 for a limited time :D

Enjoy your matcha!


-JJFerrigno crew

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